Law enforcement continues to be an important part of our daily lives throughout the United States. What many people may not know is that there are several different types of law enforcement that help keep citizens safe each day. From uniformed police officers to plainclothes officers and detectives, each role plays a significant role throughout the United States. 

Uniformed Officers
One of the most common professions in law enforcement are uniformed officers. Uniformed officers are responsible for duties that protect their respective communities. While uniformed officers are responsible for patrolling their community, they also respond to emergencies, assist with traffic issues, and provide assistance to citizens in need. Officers ensure that the community is safe for its residents.

Detectives are another important area of law enforcement, as they are responsible for helping to solve crimes within their community. When a crime is committed, it is the responsibility of the detectives to gather important evidence that can help them solve the crime. The role of detectives is significant for a community because their work helps to solve crimes that can hurt the safety of their respective communities.  

While some of the duties are similar to other areas of law enforcement, sheriffs also have important differences. Unlike other positions, sheriffs are typically elected into office by the greater community and are responsible for managing law enforcement within the county that they were elected in. It is common for sheriffs to start out as uniformed officers to gain more experience before making the decision to run for sheriff. 

State Police Officers
While state police officers hold similar responsibilities as uniformed district officers, they are also responsible for patrolling the highways throughout the state. State police officers are also available to provide assistance to district officers during emergencies as well, to ensure that they have all of the help that they need. 

Law enforcement continues to be a vital field throughout the United States as they help protect their communities and their residents. To learn more about law enforcement and its different areas, visit