In law enforcement, the role of a detective continues to evolve and grow in its significance for protecting the greater community. While some of their responsibilities are similar to uniformed police officers, there are distinct differences in how detectives protect the community. 

What Does A Detective Do?
A Detective is responsible for helping to help solve crimes throughout the community. They do so by completing an investigation, where they collect evidence that is relevant to the specific crime. Detectives can work on a wide variety of cases, from theft and burglary to missing persons. The main role of detectives is to gather the necessary information about a crime that can help law enforcement figure out what happened. The type of crimes that detectives investigate will vary, but their approach to each one remains the same.

The role of a detective is an incredibly important part of keeping a community safe since they are responsible for solving crimes after they were committed. In cities with large populations, like New York City, the need for detectives remains high, as they can help prevent dangerous crimes from continuing. For example, if burglaries are taking place in a community’s neighborhood, it will be the responsibility of the detectives to gather evidence from the crime scenes that can provide useful information. They use the information to determine important details that could provide insight on who committed the crime. 

Public Vs. Private Detectives
Public and private detectives carry many of the same job roles but have a distinct difference. Public detectives are professionals that are employed by law enforcement in the community. Private detectives, on the other hand, are usually referred to as private investigators. They typically are working for either the general public or were hired by someone to complete an investigation. In general, public and private detectives will have similar background experience that qualifies them for the position. 

For people across the United States, the role of detectives continue to help make their communities a safer place to live. They provide cities of every size the safety they need to continue to thrive as a community.