On every front, society must push back against the coronavirus because of how contagious the virus has been. The coronavirus recently hit a new milestone with over one million people infected worldwide, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down even with draconian lockdown measures. This respiratory illness has caused heartache for people around the globe.

How Law Enforcement Helps
For the individuals who refuse to lock down, law enforcement proves instrumental in getting them to comply with the law so that the virus doesn’t further spread. Law enforcement, like grocery store workers, serve as those on the front line. Granted, they have a degree of job security, unlike millions of other workers, but a high risk that they will get COVID-19 also exists. 

Crucial Players in the Battle

Police officers enforce the new health and social regulations to ensure that it continues to function in a civil manner. Most experts think of this as the worst event that the world has faced since World War II with Nazi Germany, and no one knows what potential consequences could follow this earthshaking event. Shutting down the United States economy for months on end will surely take its toll against the market. 

Fines for people who refuse to lock down exist and those who fail to comply will face some form of punishment for refusal to lockdown.

COVID-19 Strikes the Vulnerable
While most people think of police officers as the public image of justice, COVID-19 has made it clear that they will strike out against anyone that it comes into contact with. In some jurisdictions across the nation, police officers have come down sick with COVID-19 while working with the public. This proves dangerous because when an officer gets sick, it leaves the whole society vulnerable because the force will have fewer enforcers to keep the law. 

COVID-19 has sent shock waves through every facet of society. No one hasn’t felt its harmful effects. Law enforcement assists in these efforts through ensuring law and order and that everyone follows through with the law to slow the spread of this deadly virus. While the mortality rate might be low overall, more than 50,000 people have already died as a result of COVID-19.