Jerry Airola

Law Enforcement

Jerry Airola is one of those guys you sit down and talk with and forget the hour has passed…

A Detective living in New Braunfels, Texas, Jerry’s law-enforcement-lineage extends generations back. “My great grandfather was a US Marshall and Game Warden, working as a tracker for the US Marshall Service in Oklahoma,” Jerry says with enthusiasm and appreciation in his voice.

“My grandfather on my mom’s side was the sheriff in the county he grew up in – the first Native American elected in the state of California, and now my son and son-in-law are both police officers, as well.”

‘Runs-in-the-family’ is right on point, in this case. But Jerry’s work in law enforcement extends far beyond a desire to keep the family business up and running. It might not make sense on paper to a lot of people, but Jerry loves being a police officer just about more than anything. Sure, he’s quick to note that some days are boring, “but it’s like fishing,” he says. And, while, Jerry Airola isn’t much of a fisherman himself – chalk it up to his competitive, go-getting mentality – the correlation really does make sense.

“My dad is a die-hard fisherman, and even if he has a slow day on the water, he has a good day, and he can’t wait to get out and see some action next time.” Jerry’s work in law enforcement has certainly been an adrenaline rush – having worked in the the sex crimes division throughout his career – but his desire to help people and administer true justice is the heartbeat behind his love and passion for what he does on a day in, day out basis.

Throughout his career in law enforcement, Jerry Airola has served as Acting Chief/Detective/SLEC for CTGR Federal Police, hired as a police officer for Idapah Police Department in 2008, tasked with obtaining Federal Status for Police Department. During his time there, Jerry received the Special Law Enforcement Commission with the US Government in 2009 as a Deputy Special Agent. Prior to that, Jerry was CEO of SSH Helicopters, a Two time INC 500 Top 11 Company. With SSH, Jerry provided Law Enforcement Helicopter Services, Air Ambulance, Fire Fighting, and the largest helicopter flight training school in the world. In addition to his work as CEO, Jerry served as a Deputy and a Pilot for SSH, merging his love for flight and law enforcement in one.

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